Hey, I’m Bob Serling and you’ve landed on that page where people typically roll out a laundry list of their accomplishments along with a bunch of pictures featuring them posing with various luminaries. Or alternatively, they put you to sleep with an exceedingly dull list of the company’s officers and their impressive credentials.

I’d rather not do that though. Because let’s face it, it’s just canned drivel.

So here’s my story in as short a space as I can tell it. You can basically boil down my entire approach to selling more of your products to this simple philosophy:

  • Tactics have a short shelf life
  • Strategies have a medium shelf live
  • Relationships and communities are the only things that are truly enduring

Driven by this philosophy, everything I do is based on building and leveraging relationships. You start with your customers beginning to know you… then getting to like you… and finally, deciding to trust you.

Once you’ve established that bond of trust, selling more – and selling more often – to both your subscribers and your customers is practically automatic.

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Here’s what I suggest you do next…

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